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Dr. Kristi Hawley, DO, FAAD

Owner, Dermatologist, The Derm Institute of West Michigan

Dr. Kristi Hawley is a board-certified medical dermatologist, and an associate clinical professor at Michigan state university college of medicine. She is the owner and operator of the Derm Institute of West Michigan, serving 2 locations: Grand Rapids, MI and Petoskey, MI. Dr. Hawley is nationally recognized for her expertise in several areas of medical dermatology and serves as a principal investigator for many clinical trials, including expanded uses for Swift Microwave Therapy.

Ryan Lewis, PhD

Medical Science Liaison, Emblation Ltd

Ryan provides scientific guidance to both internal colleagues and external clinicians and researchers on the science behind Emblation’s devices and technologies. He builds relationships with physicians, researchers, and their staff, to aid them in the design and execution of studies while also acting as a scientific relay point between these contacts and Emblation.

Pete Turnbull

Chief Marketing Officer, Swift USA

With over 15 years in the medical device industry, Pete has extensive experience bringing disruptive technologies to market.  Having launched Swift in the US in January 2019, Pete will share industry insights as to how Swift is impacting both patient and practice outcomes. 

Webinar Details:

Join us for a Deep Dive into the world of microwave science to understand how Swift is changing the game when it comes to conditions of the skin. In this 60 minute session, we will examine why warts and molluscum are such frustrating conditions to treat and how Swift is finally providing an answer. We will also explore early-stage research into non-melanoma skin cancers and the pending protocol release for onychomycosis.

If you or your team are frustrated by inconsistent outcomes with warts and are looking to elevate your practice, this is a session you should make time for. 

Webinar Incentive:

All registrants will be entered in a draw to win Amazon Gift Cards at the end of the webinar and will be presented with a $6,360 discount value on Swift acquisition.

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